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On the move!

The Rose Hill Cemetery Place-based Learning Project will be on the move this March as we participate in the Society for Applied Anthropology's Annual Conference. The program director, Shannon Peck-Bartle, will be discussing issues of race and ethnicity in K-12 classrooms and curriculum. The inclusion of anthropology and cultural landscapes in K-12 education allow students to engage in critical race studies and analyze ethnic complexity. The analysis of cemeteries provides students an opportunity to blur historic lines between the present and the past , allowing students to reflect on racial power structures and ethnic identities in new ways. To learn more about applied anthropology in education and the Society for Applied Anthropology, visit their website at

Be sure to attend our session, Shifting Perspectives: Materiality and the Deconstruction of Race and Ethnicity in World History Curriculum, if you are attending SFAA! If you are not able to attend, you can listen to the session after the conference through the SFAA Podcast series!

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