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Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

The lesson plans and curricular material available on this website are free to use for educational purposes. All lesson plans are created by the education team of the Rose Hill Cemetery Place-Based Learning Project.


African American History

These lesson plans highlight the important role African Americans play in American History.  Topics range from the Civil War, contributions to WWI & WWII, trials and tribulations in the Jim Crow South, the Civil Rights Movement, women's movements, education, and contemporary issues facing African Americans.

Image by DDP

World History

These lesson plans highlight the important global connections of the African American community. Topics range from the African Diaspora, Afro-Caribbean history & connections to the U.S., African Americans and the global World Wars, and shifting contemporary global connections.



These lesson plans highlight the human experience of African Americans through the study of anthropology. The lesson plans engage students in cultural landscape studies, ethnography, artifact inquiry, oral histories, and archaeology.

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