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Image by Bence Balla-Schottner
African American History

Explore the lesson plan,

"The Story of Christopher Columbus: An African  American Confederate Veteran."

Space & Place as a Primary Source

Engage students in a thought provoking exploration of a cemetery as an introduction to historic primary source analysis

Challenge students to analyze hidden historic narratives through space and place.

The Rose Hill Cemetery
Potter's Field: Understand Socioeconomic issues through cemetery studies

Explore ways cemeteries tell the history of the poor.

Challenge students to reflect on the relationship between socioeconomics and cultural landscapes.

Urbanization and African American Cemeteries

This lesson plan highlights the relationship between urban growth and forgotten African American cemeteries. Discover the history of Tampa, Florida's old African American Cemetery - Zion Cemetery

Sam Bailey: African Americans in WWI
This lesson plan examines the experiences of African Americans serving in WWI.

Learn about the 807th Pioneer Infantry Unit, a segregated African American unit.
Mahalia Jones: African American Midwives in Florida
In this lesson plan, students examine the role of midwives in the segregated South.
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