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The Rose Hill Cemetery Place-Based Learning Project

Learning through Space & Place

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

Our Goals

Welcome to the Rose Hill Cemetery Place-Based Learning Project. This project hopes to

1) Engage students in transformative place-based learning;

2) Reconnect the classroom with the community;

3) Integrate African American and Afro-Caribbean narratives in secondary social studies;

4) Provide inclusive cemetery curricula and lesson plans to secondary social studies teachers;

5) Preserve and connect the rich history of the cemetery with the local community.


African American History

Classroom-ready lesson plans

Explore classroom-ready lesson plans that connect to American History standards.

World History

The Afro-Caribbean Connection

Discover the complexity of Caribbean history through cultural landscapes.


The Human Experience

Engage in interdisciplinary lesson plans that highlight cultural landscapes and the human experience.

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

Special Thanks

A special thanks to those who support

The Rose Hill Cemetery Place-Based Learning Project

Special Angels Investments, LLC

The Hillsborough County School District

The Pinellas County School District

The Hillsborough Education Foundation

The Florida Council for the Social Studies (

Steinbrenner High School

The Tarpon Spring Community

The Rose Cemetery Association

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